A downloadable project

Welcome to The Archive! This is the home of some of my older games in no particular order.

Physics Car Game

This is one of my second-year Uni group projects where we made a physics-based car controller and a basic track with checkpoints. I worked on the car part and made a little skate park to play around in.

Undead Alley

This is my first game jam game! I submitted this game for Ludum Dare 45: Start With Nothing. I originally wanted this to be a platformer with an inventory system, but I got a reality check for how much I could accomplish in 72 hours with my skills at the time. This was the first time I'd used Animations in Unity for animating GameObjects, and my introduction to the difficulties of fighting game hit windows.

Newton's Third

My first collaborative game project! A submission for Major Jam: Isolation, an 11-day game jam. I worked on this game with Kownur, who did most of the design and narrative while I did the gameplay mechanics. A more recent game we collaborated on is Out Of Juice. While the overall game isn't very fun and is a bit tedious, I learned a lot about faking the laws of physics and working collaboratively on software projects. The wire connection puzzle was quite fun to program too, and I have made similar mechanics in other projects since this.

Advent of Code 2021 - Day 23 Player

This one's not really a game, but a tool that I made to help people solve Advent of Code 2021 - Day 23 manually and share replays of their solutions. I made it in a couple of hours, so it's very simplistic and doesn't enforce all of the movement rules, but some friends and I had a lot of fun trying to solve each others' challenges and sharing how we did it.