It's not much of a game, but it was fun to work on! I might add some Platform-Brawler elements post-jam when I get time.

Supported controls:


Primary Bind
Alternate Bind
MoveArrow Keys



ActionPrimary BindAlternate Bind
MoveLeft Stick
JumpSouth Button (A, X)


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Super cute, I'm emotionally attached to the flea in a way I can’t describe. The movement feels super nice and I'm keen to see where you take this!

Lovely work! :)


Love the Little flea it is so cute. The colours also looks good Purple works so well. The jump mechanic is cool the flea is able to double jump in the air which I fine cool. I love the tail that follows the flea.

Not much gameplay here, but the visuals are really fun & different, and the movement feels super fluid. Love the feel of the wall jump!